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The Net application in the Euro country and Asia country.
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Our Leisure Fabrics are included Denim Fabric and PE Textilene Net.

  1. Denim Fabric: We produce denim fabrics of a variety of colors, weight, and weave structure, customized to meet the demands. While we mainly focus on producing fabrics woven from yarn, we are also in charge of dyeing and post-processing of the fabrics.
  2. PE Textilene Net: Viewpoint believes that we can reduce pollution of the environment and leave a cleaner space to our children. This is why we start to develop new and green products. So far we have succeeded in developing HDPE coated fabrics , we call “ PE textilene . We will use this to replace PVC coated materials. we can use this type of new material in umbrella, fence, outdoors upholstery material, shoe, cushion material, hand bags, Ladys' bags, shopping bags, briefcases

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Denim Fabric PE Textilene Net