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The Net application in the Euro country and Asia country.
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PE Textilene net is the new product of our company in 2011. It is a greener material for people to use in their daily lives without the negatives effects of chemicals and poisons.

Viewpoint believes that we can reduce pollution of the environment and leave a cleaner space to our children. This is why we start to develop new and green products. In the past, we used PVC coated materials to be the basic materials for all of the products, like hand bags & folding chairs, which bring a huge burden to our lives and the environment. Now we have the chance to start employing greener materials for our daily products in the hope of a greener future for the once that we love.

So far we have succeeded in developing HDPE coated fabrics , we call “ PE textilene . We will use this to replace PVC coated materials. we can use this type of new material in umbrella, fence, outdoors upholstery material, shoe, cushion material, hand bags, Ladys' bags, shopping bags, briefcases, Leisure folding chairs and a variety of lounge and garden chairs. We hope this new material can make a better, healthier and greener living environment for all.

If you are interested in our new HDPE fabric, you are very welcome to contact us. We will be more than glad to be in touch with you and provide you with further information.

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