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H1  Irrigation tape system  

The Net application in the Euro country and Asia country.
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The people knew that after Israel using irrigation system widely, the global farmer or consumer start to use and understand this system fully. Due to the big fea ture for irrigation system is the water saving. Especially the Water shortage was became the serious problem nowadays. This technology became one of advanced water saving skill. No water waste, this also give the big support to the agriculture and horticulture. Hereby we offer irrigation belt solution for farmer to have extra option. The Tape is an easy way for farmer to install in the farm or greenhouse or garden. Due to the belt system can be easy to install and maintain. Meanwhile the farmer can be easy and quick to add irrigation tape and part, like connector or Valve. Hence, the farmer can control and watch their requirement for different using purpose. Finally the farmer can save their time and cost for the plant cultivation. Then they can earn more profit after used this system. This is the win-win way for all of people.

Irrigation Tape
Diameter: 16mm
Flow : 1L & 2L /Hour
Thickness: 0.18、0.2、0.3mm
Length: 1000m
Gap: 10、15、20、30cm

Connector 16mm

Valve 16mm

Cap 16mm


Tape Connector

Air Discharge Valve 16mm

Drip Clamp 16mm


Product Application Photo