Mesh Fabrics

The global environment pollution is getting worse day by day. So it is time for people to improve and reduce pollution, leave a cleaner space to our children. In the past, the product was used PVC coated materials to be the basic materials for daily commodities, like hand bags, chairs, place mat which bring a huge burden to our lives and the environment. Nowadays we have the chance to change the new condition and leave one greener future for the once that we love.

So far we have succeeded in developing HDPE coated fabrics, we call “PE textilene”. We will use this to replace PVC coated materials for daily using. We also use TPEE to develop elastic yarn for elastomeric mesh chair.

We separated two materials at two main business. One is use PE textilene for outdoor chair and place mat. The one is using elastic mesh fabrics for office mesh chair. The mostly mesh chair will be used in ergonomic design.

If you are interested in our new HDPE fabric, you are very welcome to contact us. We will be more than glad to be in touch with you and provide you with further information.

Elastic mesh fabrics
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