Hand Shear Tool

Hand Shear Tool Introduction:

Garden shear is one kind of garden hardware. The garden shear was made in Taiwan. Normally we have pruning shear, hedge shear, and lopper shear. The shear has several kind of structure such as the blade of by pass, Anvil, and straight. The different blade for used in different application. Normally the blade of garden shear is manufactured by carbon steel and stainless. The shear has aluminum, iron, and stainless handle. Each garden shear has different assembly.


In order to produce the stronger Garden shear, the blade has extra process work such as Hard Chrome Plated, heat treatment, sand treatment and high frequency. This can make the blade to be rigid and not easy to rough. So the garden shear will become very sharp blade and durable. Meanwhile, the shear also made by forge. One of solid process work. The forge shear will be heavystronger and durable.


The garden shear is using field farm, greenhouse, backyard, landscape and street. The shear can be easy to fix flower and tree. Even flower and fruit harvesting. The famer can use in their farm work. The household can fix their garden.