PE-Mulch Film

Main Function :
The Silver side can reflect the sunlight which makes the fruit to be color evenly. Also can prevent the aphids and pests, reduce the pesticides using. The black side can isolate sunlight, prevent Cold and moisturizing, control the weed for reduce herbicide using.
Meanwhile, the film also can use for Soil and water conservation, reduce Liquid fertilizer to lose, increase crop yield and quality.
The file can use in crop such as strawberry,  Bamboo shoot, yam,  pineapple, watermelon, melon crop, and else.

Mulch Film :
Material : LLDPE W/UV

Sample Photo Product Name Thickness Width Length Color
 Mulch Film Mulch Film 0.025mm ~ 0.035mm 0.6m ~ 4.5m 100m ~ 400m Silver